Anybody @ wherever u r

Introducing the NEW and Easy way to make contact
e-POB - the electronic Post Office Box.
Why wait a week to get reply from a letter when you can get in a Day
Why send snail mail when you can send e-mail

Use to the Electronic Post Office Box (e-POB) to send
e-Mail to anyone living in Palmers Cross and affiliated communities
without having an e-mail address for the recipient.
make contacting your friends and family as easy as ABC!!

The Container Project - connecting people connecting worlds!!
The Container Project a Community Network Programme

If you would like to get e-POB in your community then don’t hesitate call now 9861675 or send an e-Mail to: containerproject@gmail.com

Your message is sent in confidence for the addressee only. It may contain confidential or sensitive information. The contents are not to be disclosed to anyone other than the addressee. Unauthorised recipients are requested to preserve this confidentiality and to advise us of any errors in transmission. mongrelStreet is not liable for any such error or breach.