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Access To Digital Arts Technology (ATDAT)[@.]

New Media Artist and Practitioners are invited to participate in the Container Project's Artist in Residency Workshop Programme.

Open Source Development Workshop is an ongoing workshop, running concurrently throughout the year and is open to all New Media Developers interested in partnering with the Container Project.

The workshops are about helping people to explore and be creative with computers, and be able to express themselves. The Container creates a completely new kind of socially interactive space - a meeting place, a net access center, a technology workshop and an art studio all rolled into one.

The resulting art work coming out of these workshops will have a home on the website where their competence will be exhibited.

The Container will conduct a four (4) @. artists led workshops in each operational year. These will be conducted by visiting artist in residence at the Container with the assistance of UNESCO/IPDC. Each quarter will run a 6 - 12 weeks workshop programme where various New Media Artist and Practitioners can apply to participate in. Each Workshop will have a weekly schedule for participants to work with - meaning that individuals or groups can book to participate for a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 6 - 12 depending on the programmes duration.

Artists are the ideal people to experiment with new technology. While the rest of us may find that computers won't do the tasks we want them to, artists can investigate playfully and be creative with what the machines can do, rather than being frustrated by what they can't do.

The iSt. Lab is a subsidery of the Container Project and is the newest initiative to target the hardest to reach 'in the street young people'. The lab will bring its own methodology for community skills building embodied in it, creating a dynamic space for informal learning.

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--------------------------------SUPPORTED BY UNESCO/IPDC------------------------------

†ATDAT - @ . = meaning to see 'Look at that' localised 'Look at dat' ... to look at technological advancement through the eyes of an artist!