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Access To Digital Arts Technology (ATDAT)[@.]

The Container has 5 workshop categories, these are:

Cyber Media Ecology - instigate web base development for community participation these workshops will include various groups across the age range of the community. Artist will be able to work with their preferred age group from 6 years up! The range of skills will include streaming media in both audio and video.


Digital Video Box - the DVB is an audio/visual workshop base that will target young people between the ages of 12 - 35. Its primary objectives are to up skill persons in digital music and video production and will include poster design for publicity and publication.


Media Active Designs - the objective of these workshops will be to give a broad base of multimedia skills to participants. Specialist multimedia developers will be invited to participate in these workshops as they are meant to be linked to the corporate media industry and are designed to give participants first hand experience of what it is like to work in that industry.


Open Source Development - this is a hard/software training workshop participants will be learning how the tools of the computers work. hardware repair and design, software manipulation and coding will be central to these workshops.


Women In Technology - this is a gender specific workshop training young women between the age of 17 to 35 how to repair and programme computers. the workshops will lean towards developing a screwdriver industry for the largely unemployed women of the community.


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--------------------------------SUPPORTED BY UNESCO/IPDC------------------------------

†ATDAT - @ . = meaning to see 'Look at that' localised 'Look at dat' ... to look at technological advancement through the eyes of an artist!