Training Component
This component will target local community members and will deliver prescribed Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills training (as agreed between NCTVET* and mervin Jarman) at a time convenient to the candidate, between Monday – Saturday for a total duration of twelve (12) working weeks per cycle. The training programme will involve introduction to basic and intermediary computer applications and manipulation of both software and hardware. It will cover a wide range of subjects including some of the following areas:

  • Basic Computer Skills Office Applications
  • Media Applications in Graphics, Music, Video, Web
  • Entrepreneurship Skills
Beyond the formal programme, the Container will be available to the Community for skills up-grading in Language Skills and Computer Literacy (both to be delivered through self-directed learning programmes). At the end of each training cycle the mobile lab will move on to another selected community. The competencies of the participants in the formal training component will be certified by NCTVET. The project will reflect a collaborative approach to training and will include the involvement of any other public, private or NGO's in the targeted communities.

Sensitisation Component
This component will facilitate the sensitisation/exposure of a minimum of 2,000 persons from the targeted communities and adjoining areas to technologies and opportunities available through Information Technology in an informal and flexible manner to be determined by the needs/interests of the individuals. The facilities will be available for this purpose before and after the structured training component of the project and will be opened to the public until 10:00 each night.

A qualified Instructor will also be available to guide and assist the public in particular areas of interest. At the end of each training cycle an expo will be planned to build awareness and provide an opportunity for the work of the participants to be displayed. Each training cycle will include the delivery of both components of the project and will facilitate the training of a minimum of 15 persons in the training component and 500 persons in the sensitization component.

*National Council on Technical Vocational Education and Training