The Container operates on a Charitable Status
(we give what we get)

We receive gifts and donations on behalf of the communities in which we operate.
The container has so far received Books for the Palmers Cross Primary and Junior High School, a shift school with a combined populations of just under 3000 students, (aged, 6-14) in Palmers Cross, Clarendon, the Vere Technical High School with a school population of just over 3000 students (aged, 15-18) in Hayes, Clarendon.

We have received gifts from abroad to make present for children in the community that would not have had gifts at Christmas time. The Container Children's Treat held on the 20, Dec. 2003, found Gifts for over 60 children from the Palmers Cross Community.

Majority of the Hardware and Software that affords the Container to be functional is also as a result of donations and gifts from friends, colleagues, companies and organisations from around the world.

The Container Project look forward to your continued support, and is greatly appreciative of your efforts.

we have come up with a collective manner in which you can contribute to our Container Christmas Children's Treat. if you can arrange with friends family colleagues and make up a barrel for donation.

Children's Treat

This could be items of new and used clothing, cosmetics, toiletry, perfumes, toys including books and school stationary .

These can be sent to the Container by air or sea at anytime but ideally before November to avoid the usual Christmas rush.

If you want to make a donation of any kind please feel free to contact:
c/o the Container Project Donation Committee

NB. Please make a List of every Item and their as is Value for purpose of custom duty clearance and email it to me, thank you!

mervin Jarman
Tel: 876 367 7447 or 876 986 1657

Sonia Mills

Zenobia C-D