Visiting The Container Project

| Residency Budget Plan |

If you are planning to visit Jamaica or is visiting Jamaica at the moment. You are Invited to come and visit us at the Container! This is an exciting opportunity that you can't afford to miss. The Container Project has an open door invitation Residency Program for visiting artist/practitioner and participants who enjoy meeting new people and have an interest in Media Culture, Arts and ICT as a means of community development. Participate in New Media Technology Development Workshops.

A nominal residency administrative fee is charged for each participant below is a brief outline of what the fee covers, the type of accommodation will make a deference to the costing as is explained; With regards to accommodation we have worked out a residency package that offers the following options: this does not include airline tickets

Container Basic
| Camping type accommodation where you bring your own camping gear | JM$18600.00

Container Family
| Live with a friend of the Container family home or a self contained room/house | JM$25000.00

Container Economy
| Residential units built out of containers (caravan style) | JM$30000.00
This is not yet constructed economy option is to crash at my unimpressive under reconstruction house near the Container

| Stay at the Hotel Versailles a modest local hotel 3 miles from the Container | JM$37500.00 (approximately)

These prices are calculated on one person per week visiting the Container and are broken down as follow in JM$ the $/£ rate is approximately $100 - £1:
Accommodation | Campsite $350; Family/House $2100; Hotel $21000 (approximately)
Meals | Provided by the Container $3500
Land travel | 2 x Sight seeing trips $6000; Airport pick up and drop off $6000 (one off)
CCC Registration | $1000 (one off)

Your ordinary travel insurance should cover you for any eventualities. While we can guarantee relatively security at all our facilities and within the community of Palmers Cross, as we have not had an incident regarding any of our visitors over the 2 years of operating, however one never know if or when something may happen so it is also incumbent on you to ensure your personal safety and that of your belongings. Attitudes and camaraderie goes a long way in maximising safety assurance.

Method of Payment: there are several payment options available to you these may all have an additional processing cost that is not related to the Container, please be aware of any such cost and make the necessary adjustments. Above prices are calculated as one person staying for one week (7 nights) including 2 days for sight seeing trips.

| PayPal | MoneyGram | Western Union | Bank Transfer | Cheque or Money/Postal Order by mail | payment must be made in advance of arriving.

Residents will get to work with a dynamic group of people all eager to learn and share in the experience. You will visit interesting sights on the island and develop a range of social languages and communication skills. Work on new media development projects with local community, recharge and invigorate your senses and gain a positively useful experience. Gain an insight into the mongrel concept of Social Software development and the opportunity to work with mongrel mervin Jarman developer of the Container Project.
Requirement each resident must disclose their intended skillset to be used during the workshop in advance if possible by giving a brief outline of the what you would like to achieve during your participation. Resident's sole purpose for coming to the container is to participate in its community development workshop programme. any other ulterior motives must be disclosed before final agreement is entered into. Applicants with special needs must make us aware of these needs well immediately upon arriving at the Container or earlier if possible.

| any donation to the Container sustainable fund is always appreciated but is not a requirement |